2020 Bee Mighty Video

"We want families to know that there are resources that are available to them if they do have a special needs child, a NICU survivor. Bee Mighty pays for therapy and medical equipment."



Mother to Shaw, Bee Mighty Founder

"Our journey was long in the NICU. Shaw was born at 27 weeks. He weighed 2 pounds and 7 ounces. He had multiple procedures and a really long road. He spent 122 days in the NICU and he’s just our little miracle."


Mother to Shaw, Bee Mighty Founder

"Bee Mighty really can go as far as we can imagine, because in 3 years we’ve given out 100 grants. We have gone from an organization that was non-existent to an organization that has raised close to $300,000. There will always be a baby that needs us, so I think the future

is pretty limitless."


Mother to Tucker, Bee Mighty Chair

"We started seeing improvements with his tone within months of doing Hippotherapy. It was that fast. Will’s a fighter. That’s what Bee Mighty has helped us do for him, to give an easier fight. So, when he runs with his brother, he’s with his brother — not behind him."



Mother to Will, Received grant for Hippotherapy

"Our heart went out to some of the families who were not only completely blindsided by the experience of being a new parent, but also put into a difficult situation financially to have to pay for additional care for their child. The support that Bee Mighty gives to those families is critical to help them at a really difficult time."


Father to Preemie, Bee Mighty Donor

"It felt like such a relief during a time of such tension and survival.... It was such a blessing to work with the team during the process."



Mother to NICU Baby

"All the support Bee Mighty gives to these families is critical during a difficult time."



Father to a preemie, Bee Mighty donor

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