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Are you just beginning your journey in the NICU? These NICU grads are sharing their NICU stories with you – IN THE RAW. These are their actual Caringbridge sites or blogs that they maintained while in the NICU. Fortunately, they are all now graduates, as you will be, too, one day. In the meantime, get comfortable and kick back with some of their stories. Every road is different, but we found comfort in knowing we were not alone on the journey. You are not alone.

Shaw Richter born at 2 pounds 7 oz. Shaw spent 122 days in the NICU. Candace Richter began adding entries on Caringbridge to provide updates for family and friends in a central location. You can read her post there as well as the continuation of the Richter’s journey on their blog. With permission, we are sharing her blog in hopes others may benefit from their stories.

Visit CaringBridge for Shaw Richter

Visit Richter’s Blog


Shawna Grigg

We wanted to share Asher’s CaringBridge with you. We updated roughly twice per day while in the NICU & chronicled semi-regularly our first year home. We received some very tough diagnoses while in-patient, and there is a lot of raw grappling in our entries.

Visit Asher Grigg’s CaringBridge


Team Hucks – Color Commentary From Rookie Mom, Heather Hucks.

“I started writing when our son, Tucker was in the NICU after giving birth to him 4 months early – whoa life. Usually my words plucked out on a keyboard from Tucker’s bedside in his NICU pod or late at night from our room in the Ronald McDonald House. It was a time of reflection, inspiration and introspection – basically a lot of words that ended with “ion” that landed me here, in this fancy pants space writing a shhh… a mommy blog.”

Visit CaringBridge for Tucker Hucks

Visit Team Hucks Blog


Michelle Moser

Michelle Moser shares her stories of being a NICU mom of twin girls, Avery and Annie, who were born at 27 weeks in 2017. 

"I knew I was going to be a NICU mom when I was admitted into the hospital at 24 weeks pregnant...."

Visit Michelle Moser's Blog

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