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A Letter from
Our Founders
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Dear Friends,  


Bee Mighty was built on personal experience.  


Our founders have been right where you are, navigating the challenges of life in and out of the NICU. We have scrubbed our hands raw before holding our baby and cried tears we didn’t know we had left. We have walked down those isolating NICU corridors and spent hours staring into isolettes. We have hoped and prayed for the good news. We have held strong during the bad. And we have built our organization to ensure our fellow NICU families have the support, resources and services they need during this emotional and stressful time.  

Bee Mighty launched 12 years ago to help NICU graduates afford the therapies and/or medical equipment they may need as they grow. Then, in 2021, we linked arms with our sister nonprofit, Pierce’s Project, to expand the services we offer to support babies and their families before, during and after their stay in the NICU. Now, we’re thrilled to offer a range of services for these families, including the grants we’ve always provided, as well as NICU care packages, photography sessions and more.  


We believe families deserve access to the resources and services that will give their children the best chance at living healthy and happy lives, regardless of their financial state or the unique circumstances of their child’s birth. Since our founding, that mission has allowed us to help hundreds of families in our region, and we’re looking forward to making an even greater impact in the years to come.  


Anything truly awesome started with at least one BEEliever, and we will forever be grateful for your belief in us as we continue to turn our shared vision into a reality.  We are here to support your tiniest warriors. They inspire us every day, as do you.    




The Bee Mighty leadership team  


Candace Richter  

Co-founder, Bee Mighty  


Lindsay Franks,  

Co-founder, Bee Mighty  


Katie O'Connor  

Executive Director, Bee Mighty 


Heather Hucks  

Board Chair, Bee Mighty  

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