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Sponsor Spotlight – Adam Holleman of Faithwood Construction, LLC.

1. What drew you and the organization to sponsor Bee Mighty?

We love their mission, to help families in need so they don’t have to feel additional pressures regarding making choices to help their preemies, or to do other things we all need in life. The NICU is such a difficult place to be, and no family should have to face deciding whether or not to help the development of their child just because insurance may or may not cover it. We also know first-hand that the care packages and support you give to the families while in the NICU are such a blessing. Sometimes they must feel alone in the struggle of being a NICU family, and this support could be the one spark to keep them rocking forward!

2. Do you have a personal tie/story to our mission?

Our nephews, Ryan and Will Conrad were born at 25 weeks. They spent 3 months in the NICU and 3 months in the PICU. They are now 15 years old! This organization was such a blessing to my sister Jamie Conrad and our entire family, by supporting them and allowing them to provide Will with Hippotherapy. They were so blessed by Bee Mighty. From my understanding, they were one of the first sponsored families by Bee Mighty in 2008/2009. We will forever be grateful to them, and we look forward to continuing our support so that others may receive the same blessings we did.

We have been blessed within our company and believe we are called to be a blessing to others. Everything we have, the gifts, talents, teammates, and resources are a gift that God has given us to use and share. We feel called and gifted in our industry and want to be a light in all we do. Our company loves the construction industry and the ability to bring our customers visions and dreams to reality. This could be through a custom home or renovation. Our talented and hardworking team stands ready to partner with you through the process and our goals are to exceed expectations while creating relationships for life.

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