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July 2019 Mighty Bee

Meet Layne Seymour, our July Mighty Bee! 

Let’s start from the beginning, can you tell us how you learned about the pregnancy and your initial reaction? I was on a girls trip and had no clue! I took a pregnancy test joking around,and it was positive! I was thrilled after having a miscarriage a couple of months earlier.

When did you find out that things in the pregnancy were not going perfectly? Did you know you would have to spend time in the NICU? I was induced early because my blood work was off. Once induced the doctor didn’t like the way Layne was reacting to the contractions, she was deceling, so he did a couple more tests and determined a C-Section was our best option. When she was delivered, she was stark white and not breathing. It took 3 minutes to get her breathing. They immediately rushed her to the NICU at Levine Children’s Hospital. We didn’t know at that point if she would even make it.

Share what you are comfortable with about the NICU experience for your baby. Levine was wonderful. The staff and facility were both very accommodating (as can be.) They were so very helpful in explaining things and helping us to cope with our baby being there.

When did you get to hold Layne for the first time? May 19, 2 days after she was born.

What was the biggest challenge that you had to face for Layne since being home?

Just being her advocate. I knew something was not right, and even when the doctors told me it was probably fine, I didn’t take that for an answer.

Did you have a lot of fears or anxieties regarding germs once you brought your baby home?

After she survived what she had been through, I was not all that worried about regular germs! We had a 2 year old at home, so we had to be realistic!

When did you know that Layne would need extra therapies? Around 6 months, Layne started showing preference to the left side and the right side was just “there”. She got reevaluated by CDSA and this time she qualified. We started Occupational Therapy then.

How did you hear about Bee Mighty? I had friends that were involved in Bee Mighty, but I really didn’t know all that much until our therapist mentioned it for our situation.

What does a typical day with Layne look like now? She is a normal 3 year old, through all of her therapies and hard work, she is walking and playing with her peers. She can’t do every single thing all of her friends can, but she will get there!

Any advice you would give another family going through the process? Anything that really helped you get through the experience? Find someone or a group of people that are going through a similar situation. There are a lot more going through something major with a child than you would think!

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