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Donor Spotlight – Janie Reynolds

We are excited to introduce you to Janie Reynolds in our very first donor spotlight. Janie is a close family friend of Bee Mighty founders, Candace and Michael Richter, and was a great source of support to their family while their son, Shaw, was a patient in the NICU. She even provided a prayer shawl for Shaw’s isolette that is still a cherished family possession today.

Janie continued to be a great support to the Richters when Bee Mighty was first conceived and Shaw was released from the hospital. In fact, she opened her home for the launch of Bee Mighty to nearly one hundred family and friends. Since then, she has generously donated her time and money to Bee Mighty. You may have admired her exceptional present wrapping skills as she has wrapped hundreds of raffle items for the annual Bee Something For Bee Mighty Gala each year.

Janie truly is an example of how a person can make an indelible impact on an organization both financially and through the donation of her time. To learn more about Janie and what it means to her to be such an integral part of the Bee Mighty family, please read her interview below.

Get to know Janie!

Tell us a little about yourself.

My passions are children and travel. Fortunately, I’ve been able to combine both through involvement with World Outreach at my church. I was a Child Life Specialist working with terminally and chronically ill children at Johns Hopkins and Holy Cross hospitals.

How did you first learn of Bee Mighty?

I’ve been a part of Bee Mighty since it was conceived. In fact, Bee Mighty was launched in my home. Candace has been in my life since my son, Will, married Stephanie. Candace and Stephanie have been friends since school. I attended Candace and Michael’s wedding and welcomed both Nash and Shaw into our family. Shaw’s birth and the journey he and his family experienced in the NICU was overwhelming. Offering them love and support was a no-brainer.

What led you to donate to this cause?

Another no-brainer has been becoming involved and donating to Bee Mighty. Costs become endless and unsurmountable for families with a preemie. Helping them make choices and provide care for their child gives them opportunities they could not otherwise afford.

How have you seen your generosity put into action?

The number of children helped through this endeavor is staggering. Not hundreds but, thousands. Of course, helping just one would be reason enough. Hearing mothers and fathers share their stories and the difference Bee Mighty made in their child’s recovery is heart-warming. The opportunities are huge — the difference between walking or remaining in a wheelchair, talking, camp, medical therapy, equipment, etc.

What would you say to someone who is considering giving but needs a “final push” to become a donor?

Everyone needs to be made aware and educated about preemies and the financial burden that arises because private insurance can’t cover all the cost of care. Come learn and share in the effort to help families fund the costs for care when all other avenues are exhausted. Every child deserves access to the resources that can help them thrive.

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