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February 2020 Mighty Bee

Updated: May 27, 2020

Quinn’s Story

Thank you for opening up and letting us get to know Quinn! When did you first find out you were pregnant and what was your pregnancy experience like? I was alone with the doctors as my husband was out of town. This was our 3rd time being pregnant and just figured it would be a routine checkup. It was a lot more difficult with the triplets than the first 2 pregnancies. We had appointments every 2 weeks and then it turned to weekly. Having the ultrasounds done that often was special as we could watch them grow from week to week.

Did time pass slowly or quickly throughout your pregnancy? Time passed very quickly. This was probably due to the stress, all of the work, and preparation that was need for when they were born.

How long was your NICU stay, and how much did weigh Quinn at birth? They were born 8 weeks early. Quinn and her siblings were supposed to spend 8 weeks in the NICU, however they overachieved and were sent home 3 weeks after they were born. Quinn weighted 4lbs and 2 oz. She also had a full head of hair.

Can you describe the hardest day for your family in the NICU? The first day was the most enjoyable and scariest day for us. She wasn’t breathing and it took a team to care for her immediately. However, the day we received the CAT scan that revealed a level 2 brain bleed in Quinn and what complications and struggles she may have due to this was the most difficult day for us. Each day was a rollercoaster ride as we would be able to see and hold her to then finding out she stopped breathing multiple times throughout the night. Each day felt like we took 3 steps forward and 2 steps back.

What was the biggest challenge that you had to face for Quinn since being home? Mobility and core strength. Because of her position in the womb, she was unable to “exercise” like normal babies do each day. Each day we would have to put on our physical trainer hats and workout with her to try and get her core strength stronger.

How long has Quinn needed extra therapies? When did you realize they would be needed? She started therapy shortly after her first birthday when it was obvious she was falling behind what her siblings and the lack of effort was not there. We found out the lack of effort was not due to her will, but her core strength being non-existent.

What therapies have really helped Quinn? What improvements have been made? Core therapy, learning how to walk and sit up, and getting the foot splints have made a world of difference in her recovery and are a big part of where she is today.

How did you hear about Bee Mighty and what made you apply? Through our therapists at Chit Chat Therapy.

What does a typical day with Quinn look like now? She is a very joyful and outgoing girl. She practices tumbling all of the time while singing her favorite songs. If she’s not doing this, she will be playing with her friends.

I know your story will really help other families going through the same thing. Do you have any advice for parents currently going through the same experience? Don’t wait to ask for help. It’s more beneficial to you and your kid in reaching out for help earlier, than waiting. Professionals will tell you if it’s time to engage in therapy or if you should wait. You will be surprised how much determination and strength your kid has, which will be more than you most of the time. Every journey is different, don’t compare results and timelines with anyone else’s.

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