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Get involved

Get Involved

There are numerous ways to get involved with Bee Mighty, in addition to a financial contribution.

Become a Partner.

Join the Bee Mighty team by offering a discount, coupon or ad with a portion of the proceeds going to Bee Mighty.

Make Bee Mighty Your Company’s Charity.

Does your company have a list of charities where employees can contribute? Bee Mighty has been listed as the key charity for a number of companies that graciously match employee donations.

Buy a Tshirt.

100% of all tshirt proceeds go towards Bee Mighty. Buy them for your friends!

‘In Lieu Of Gifts’.

Having a birthday party? Suggest donating to Bee Mighty in lieu of gifts.

Run a Race.

Be active! Ask your friends to pledge $10, $20, $50 to Bee Mighty for a local race that your running.

Throw a Party.

We have been overwhelmed with the creativity of our friends and family that have wanted to contribute and support our cause. Some have asked that their tennis/bowling/golf league dedicate a day for Bee Mighty, giving all winning proceeds to the fund. Others have asked their colleagues to sponsor a family together. Other ideas are as simple as asking your neighborhood restaurant/store to donate a $1 for every item purchased at a special time (happy hour, baby shower, birthday celebration, etc).

Corporate Donations.

Ask your company to match your donation (even if it is as small as $5!) Every penny makes a difference! (All tax deductible!)

Share the News.

Talk with your friends, your families, your neighbors, your church, your schools. Spread the word about Bee Mighty. You will be surprised how many people have been touched by a micro preemie. You would also be surprised how many of you personally would be in a similar predicament with Healthcare and the quandary of how best to get the care your child deserves.

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Spread the word.

Elle at 24 weeks
Elle at 24 weeks
Elle at 5 years old
Elle at 5 years old