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Bee Mighty Gala

23rd January 2014

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Bee Mighty from bunch collective on Vimeo.

First Annual Fundraiser - BEE-autiful!

24th November 2013

This November 16th, 2013, Bee Mighty hosted it's inaugural fundraiser, Bee Something For Bee Mighty, presented by The Charlotte Bobcats. With over 250 attendees, 25k in silent auction items, Bee Something for Bee Mighty raised over $50,000.

To read more about this spectcular affair and how to get involved next year, click here.

It's All The Buzz - Bee Mighty BiAnnual Newsletter

22nd August 2013

It's BEEn quite a year so far... We funded our first babies, sent a couple to the Superbowl, celebrated the NICU reunion picnic and partnered with the Charlotte Bobcats for our upcoming Bee Something For Bee Mighty Fundraiser. See for yourself in our Biannual Newsletter, "It's All the Buzz"...  Thank you for your ongoing support!

Bee Something For Bee Mighty Event

7th August 2013

Join us as we celebrate Bee Mighty's extraordinary 1st year with the Bee Something for Bee Mighty event and fundraiser, presented by The Charlotte Bobcats. In tandem with World Prematurity Day, Bee Something for Bee Mighty is an exclusive life-style auction and event, full of fabulous prizes, entertainment and food.

Bee Jeweled by Diamonds Direct!
Bee a Beach Bum in Pawley's Island!
Bee Gluttonous with a private chef in your home!
Bee Surprised!

Bee There.
Time: 7pm - 11pm
Place: Charlotte Country Club

Tickets: $125/person 
If you are unavailable to attend, please consider making a donation.

For more information or to purchase tickets, please visit:

Parent Financial

21st April 2013

Helping parents navigate the unique questions and concerns that confront a family’s financial life.

Music Therapy For Special Children

28th February 2013

Charlotte, NC - Arise and Shine Therapy is an innovative, private, outpatient physical, occupational, speech and music therapy practice dedicated to improving the well-being of children and families. Beginning on February 26th, 2013, they will be offering a FREE screening once each month for those interested in exploring these therapies.

January was Music Therapy Advocacy Month, and Music Therapy is just one of the therapies Arise and Shine offers. 
Elizabeth Schwartz, co-Founder of Center for Early Childhood Music Therapy and Music Therapy Supervisor at Alternatives for Children shares“Music Therapy is a well-established, research-based profession in which music is used to accomplish therapeutic and educational goals. Music Therapy helps to improve cognitive, social, physical, psychological, and communication functioning. The interventions used in Music Therapy aid in fostering skills across the entire developmental spectrum for children with special needs. Music Therapists encourage a child’s sense of exploration and wonder as they focus on the goals. The music is carefully crafted to provide for success and motivation”.  
Children are engaged singing songs, using musical gestures, playing special instruments and learning through music in order to meet individual goals and objectives. Goals and outcomes may include the learning of academic concepts, increasing cooperation and appropriate social behavior, providing avenues for communication, increasing self-organization and self confidence, and improving motoric responses and competence.
“Most importantly, music is motivating, fun and provides for success!” says Schwartz.
One mother of a young son with cerebral palsy said that enrolling in music therapy, “paid off in spades.” Judy Winter, author of “Breakthrough Parenting for Children with Special Needs,” describes the experience as a resulting in ‘remarkable gains, including enhanced motor skills, greater communication skill, heightened self-esteem and increased motivation in his daily activities, including homework.”
For more information on music therapy or to attend one of the upcoming free screenings, please contact:
Arise and Shine Therapy
p. (704) 778-7192
3727 Rose Lake Dr. Suite 103
Charlotte, NC 28217

Bee Mighty's Super Bowl

5th February 2013

Thanks to fabulous former preemie mom, Heather Hucks,  Bee Mighty was able to send one dedicated supporter with two tickets to the Super Bowl.
Baby Tucker Hucks was born 16 weeks early, weighing one pound, seven ounces, and spent 151 days in Presbyterian Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The Hucks family donated two lower level Super Bowl tickets to Bee Mighty.
Bee Mighty sold raffle tickets for $100 apiece for five days only.
We were excited to announce that Chris Bowers, from Sausalito, California, was the lucky winner of two tickets to see the Ravens play the 49ers in New Orleans this weekend. Chris scrambled to make last minute arrangements to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity. He and his father traveled to New Orleans with hopes of a 49ers victory.
Thank you, Team Hucks, for raising $5,000 for Bee Mighty and providing such generosity for our organization. Chris, the Hucks family and so many that purchased raffle tickets for joining together to continue to support the smallest of Hemby Heroes.

Pedaling for Preemies

5th January 2013

FlyWheel Charlotte hosted a very special event this January. By graciously opening their studio to the preemie community, Bee Mighty was able to raise $1200 in the first hour! 

FlyWheel Charlotte donated their time, talent and proceeds to Bee Mighty by hosting two classes, FlyWheel & FlyBarre this past Wednesday night. We were elated to see a packed house and oversold classes. 

One of the 60+ attendees was quoted saying, "I have been wanting to experience FlyWheel and Bee Mighty is the perfect excuse!"

FlyWheel also offered a $25 off discount to anyone that joined that night. 

Kristie Bittleston, fellow preemie Mom, had never tried FlyWheel, spinning or a cylcing class. She said, "I'm just here for the great things Bee Mighty is doing."  Following the class, I think she is hooked!

A fabulous event, dedicated attendees and very gracious host. We will continue to support FlyWheel for creating such a wonderful, philanthropic event for the Charlotte preemie community. 

Charlotte, NC - Experience the latest spinning craze, while gifting to a good cause! FlyWheel Charlotte is hosting 'donation' classes for both FlyWheel & FlyBarre on January 23rd. ALL DONATIONS GO TO BEE MIGHTY and the development of a local preemie!

Reserve your spot by emailing

Time: 7pm
Location: FlyWheel Charlotte (2907 Providence Road Suite 103 & 104)
Price: Encouraged Donations ($18+)

Find Pedaling for Preemies on Facebook.

Mural of Hope

29th November 2012

The Mural of Hope 
"Hope is the thing with feathers, that perches in the soul. 
And sings the tune without the words. And never stops at all.”
― Emily Dickinson
Bee Mighty’s mission to provide support to the families of micro preemies inspired Liz Seegers, owner of The Art Room. Together, working with children of the community, they created a legacy of hope for families in Hemby’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.
Local children handcrafted each leaf, while former NICU mothers shared a soulful word of encouragement to the families that are earnestly following in their footsteps. These are the roots of hope.
We wish to hearten those families that encounter dark days and share in the triumphs of the tiniest of warriors.
This mural is dedicated to the families of 
Presbyterian Hemby’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
On November 17th, 2012 
World Prematurity Awareness Day
 On behalf of:
The Art Room & Bee Mighty

Helping the Tiniest Babies Survive and Thrive

29th November 2012


Two years ago, a big hug from her little boy seemed out of reach for Candace Richter.

"He really is a miracle. He started to walk this summer," said Candace, smiling about their toddler, Shaw.

It was a milestone they thought would never happen.

Shaw faces some uphill challenges. He was born 13 weeks premature and weighed less than 2.5 pounds. He spent 122 days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Presbyterian Hospital.

"There were just some really dark days," said Candace, looking at her husband Michael. They were tested during those four months in the NICU, and their journey did not end there. It continued well after Shaw came home.

They had a long list of worries, their baby survived meningitis, pneumonia, and brain surgeries. To compound the situation, Shaw needed several weekly therapies and insurance covered only a fraction of their therapy needs.

"It's the difference between if your son is going to walk or talk," she said. "It's critical."

Candace and Michael dug in and committed themselves to helping Shaw succeed. They did their homework and met frustration along the way.

"There are families like us who don't qualify for Medicaid but aren't independently wealthy," said Candace. They would ask providers how other families managed and were simply told to expect financial struggle.

Candace had to quit her job to take care of Shaw and his big brother, Nash, who recently turned three.

The Richters traveled wherever they could find the best therapies. Shaw showed remarkable improvement, and even took his first steps this summer.

Sleep on the other hand, still doesn't come easy. It's a complication of slow brain development and for his parents, it's been like living with a newborn the past two years.

Despite their hurdles, the Richters are finding balance and trying to help other families have an easier journey.

"If we can help financially alleviate that stress, it's just more time for them to focus on their child," said Candace.

That's why she created the non-profit, Bee Mighty. It's a partnership withPresbyterian Hospital to help other micro-preemies. Candace says their group focuses on babies who weigh two pounds or less; or have to stay in the NICU 100 days or longer. All proceeds go toward therapy and medical equipment for the babies.

Looking back, Candace and Michael say they have been blessed to have healthy children and to be able to watch them grow.

Michael is especially proud of how Candace has managed their family and is now branching out. "She just glows," he said.

Shaw still has a lot of challenges. Surgeries and specialists are part of their family vocabulary.  However, with each step Shaw is showing people how to truly Bee Mighty.

For more information on Bee Mighty, click here.

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